Motiongraphics for Documentaries & Current Affairs

We are one of the most experienced providers of motion graphics for documentaries and current affairs in the UK. We are regular contributors to C4 Dispatches, BBC Panorama, ITV Exposure and lots of one-off documentaries. Furthermore we also work with global teams, particularly for the Al Jazeera Investigations teams in London and Doha divisions.

We produce maps, document sequences, profiles, social media contextual animations, dynamic stills sequences, explainers and any reconstructive CGI or motion graphics sequences. We’re always looking for interesting ways of portraying the banal or the complex to bring it to the viewer in a more dynamic way, thereby helping producer and director get their message across.

In docs and current affairs it’s often about the mood or tone and using our dual expertise in motion graphics and more traditional animation methods we can certainly help with this.

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