Who are Medioto and what do they do?

Medioto are a very experienced BAFTA Award winning London Television Motion Graphics & Animation team. We’re directors, motion designers and animators who are passionate about television Motion Graphics & Animation. The team work across a broad spectrum, from title sequences, television motion graphics, animated explainers and short films. Just have a look at our showreel or Vimeo page to see the huge range of styles and subject matter. Some of our team have been working in television, corporate video promotion and web-based communication for over 25 years. We have 4 BAFTA nominations, one BAFTA and have contributed to countless award winning projects over this time.


Medioto specialise in television Motion Graphics & Animation for documentaries and current affairs and regularly work on C4 Dispatches, BBC Panorama, ITV Exposure and Al Jazeera Investigations in Doha, Washington, DC and here in London. We’re very familiar with explaining the complex; adding visual flare and interest to simple stills, documents or web based social media evidence. But whilst obviously contributing to more serious subjects there’s also a much lighter side to our work. We also produce innovative and often quirky short animated films for both big and small corporations, NGO’s and charities. Our clients include BP, Diageo, Coca-Cola, UNICEF, Rolex as well as Barnardos, Macmillan, St John Ambulance, amongst many, many more. With the talents on offer we can take any logo and colour guides and marry this with your product, service or message to create a stunning animated film, customised for your particular audience or setting.


So whether you are trying to expose some corrupt organisation and you need help with realising this task; you have a drama that needs inspiring titles or branding or you just want to communicate a message in a concise and entertaining manner; then you’re probably looking in the right place.


Conversation is free. Give us a call.