All the Prime Minister’s Men

A criminal gang is colluding with the security forces of Bangladesh and has links to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in this forensic expose of corruption and murder.

As well as our usual fare in providing for motion graphics profiling protagonists and detailing documentary evidence our biggest coup here was retelling the story of the murder of Mustafa Rahman in 1996. Using google’s streetview, older archive and the detailed testimony of the victim himself we were able to remodel the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh which provided the scene for a brutal murder of a young political activist who was shot 9 times but who still livesd long enough to name is killers. Another coup for the I-unit team was after the Youtube release of this film just 3 days later it had been viewed 5.5 million times.

Speaking of which, here’s the link so you can increase those numbers All the Prime Minister’s Men – Complete film.

The Murder of Mustafa Rahman

Murder in the cafe