BBC Panorama – Rebrand

Panorama on the BBC has been covering world politics & current affairs since 1953 and it’s design and accompanying music is very well known to a UK audience. Usually the globe has been a component in that design. Paul Trainor, as a junior designer was part of a team at Diverse Design which rebranded the series back in the 90’s & so it was ironic that Medioto was asked to look at this rebrand again. Out with the old metallic globe and in with a simpler versatile branding. Toni Marshall took the lead on this one, falling back on her career of working with one of the biggest UK branding agencies some years ago. Now the new brand is all about the globe substituting for the ‘o’ letterform and being also used as a device to contain the opening shot from the programme. We hope to avoid the ‘Netflix’ trend for having a ‘skip intro’ facility so the programmes are quickly and dramatically stamped with the new Panorama Brand. Music reworking by David Lowe.