Science of Art

Matt Cain presents and Rob Coldstream produces Silver River’s new three–part series that will explore how science is using art to understand the human brain, and, in so doing, throwing up surprising theories about how art works.

This controversial series will explore the world of art through the prism of ‘neuro-aesthetics’ for the first time. Working in tandem with the UK’s most prestigious art institutions… witnessing extraordinary cross-cultural stunts and experiments… and uncovering the secrets of many iconic works of art – from the Mona Lisa to Star Wars – this series will reveal how artists, musicians and storytellers have used their skills to dazzle the human brain, and explore how neuroscience is on the verge of radically changing our attitudes to human creativity. Covering Art & Architecture, Music & Dance, and Stories & Film over three episodes, it might even change the way we look at art forever. Well that’s what Silver rivers website says.

Amongst our animations we reconstructed the ‘Lymbic system’ in the brain, generated a data visualisation showing how certain music clusters produce hits or memorable compositions. Yes and scientists are clever but they can’t produce interesting visuals that are presentable to the viewing public and that is I suppose where designers fit in.

CGI Limbic System

Visual Demonstration of musical recognition On screen heart monitors produced from data Highlighting results on group sound tests