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The Secret Lives of Slim People

We were asked to produce an animated title and bumpers for Channel 4’s series “The Secret Lives of Slim People.” Some people stay slim despite never dieting or exercising. This ITN production follows two slim people over five days, unpicking their every move and morsel to find out what determines their size. GFX designed and animated by Andrew Whittle under the direction of Paul Trainor and Toni Marshall.
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Beef Jerky

This is how Meat Snacks Group make Beef Jerky in their factory in Scotland. Superbly animated by our own Lucie Julliat with a little from the rest of the team. This is an NRG Digital production produced by Rob Edmonds.
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Rich and On Benefits

Michael Buerk reveals the world of benefits for pensioners for Dispatches. We used an old cut-out style graphic to explain the benefits to give it a light-hearted approach. The characters are brought in with small sticks and offbeat movement to keep it quirky. The colours and type echo old Saul Bass shorts. The information is brought in with scrolls which were also printed and used within the show.
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