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Grocery Aid

Here’s our latest Grocery Aid animation. Several little scenes tell stories of the many people helped by the charity. The tone of the animation plays with sensitive subject matter such as sudden illnesses, money worries and caring responsibilities which grocery workers might encounter over their lifetime. The animation was produced by Minamon Film.
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The Poachers Pipeline – Al Jazeera Investigates

An Al Jazeera undercover team penetrated the network of dealers, agents and traffickers who profit from the multi-million dollar trade in rhino horn in Africa; an illegal business that is decimating the Rhino population close to the point of extinction. The motiongraphics helps define the different individuals involved and show how they relate to each other from poacher, to facilitator, dealer, importer and finally the customers. See evidence below or watch the full documentary via this link.
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Will Britain ever have a Black PM?

This documentary was part of the Black & British season. We worked with the director Steve Grandison to illustrate the near impossibility of a black British infant growing up and becoming our Prime Minister via some quite shocking statistics blocking any advancement. There were eight stand alone animated films produced covering everything from poverty, education, employment and the world of politics.
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