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Capgemini – Unlock Opportunities

Lots of sparkle in this advert where we follow the Capgemini energy and direction as it interacts with software systems, corporate teams and global markets to unlock the full potential therein.
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Anatomy of a Bribe

This is a story of how foreign companies plunder Africa’s natural resources. Using confidential documents provided to Al Jazeera by Wikileaks, “Anatomy of a Bribe” exposes the government ministers and public officials willing to sell off Namibia’s assets in return for millions of dollars in bribes. Exclusive testimony from a whistleblower who worked for Samherji, Iceland’s largest fishing company reveals that his employers instructed him to bribe ministers and even the president in return for fishing rights worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
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Diplomats for Sale

How much would you pay for diplomatic immunity? The trade in Caribbean diplomatic passports has become a magnet for wealthy foreigners, corrupt businessmen and criminals from around the world. Here we use 50's & 60's styling for the graphics & animation to help reveal this bizarre trade in Diplomatic passports.
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