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Dispatches – Sex, Drugs & Murder

Channel 4 Dispatches and BuzzFeed News join forces to investigate the impact of GHB, fronted by LGBT editor Patrick Strudwick. GHB is a silent killer which is killing hundreds of gay men per year and receives little attention even though at the very least users are vulnerable to overdosing and sexual abuse.
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Where are the Police? – Dispatches

Dispatches looks into the alarming stats that suggest the under-resourced Police forces across England and Wales are refusing to investigate certain crimes. Directed and Produced by Claire Burnett for ITN Productions. We built a large map of all the police force boundaries in the UK and designed various icons to represent each crime.
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Will Britain ever have a Black PM?

This documentary was part of the Black & British season. We worked with the director Steve Grandison to illustrate the near impossibility of a black British infant growing up and becoming our Prime Minister via some quite shocking statistics blocking any advancement. There were eight stand alone animated films produced covering everything from poverty, education, employment and the world of politics.
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