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Big Ben – Countdown to New Year

This is Year 2 of our contract to help ITN Productions show the extent and the detailing of the Big Ben clean-up & repair. Again Paul Trainor directs the CGI and Brett Lewis provides the modelling expertise.
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Spy Merchants – An Al Jazeera Investigation

We helped the Washington based Al Jazeera Investigations team uncover the murky world of selling surveillance equipment, often to anyone willing to pay, regardless of the government, end user or final usage. Titles, subtitles, as well as all the visual effects and explainer graphic sequences are spread over 47 mins which as not an easy feat considering that there’s barely a minute free of overlays and VFX. To see the whole programme which was beautifully shot and directed by Colin MacIntyre and brilliantly edited by Nicholas Dove, click on this link.
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