Monthly Archives January 2013

Secrets of your Supermarket Shop

As food prices rise, what’s the best way to reduce your weekly bill at the supermarket? Channel 4 Dispatches conducted a nationwide fruit and veg experiment to find out if you could save money by heading to the market stall, the shop next door, or even just a different branch of the same supermarket down the road.
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TT Legends

The TV series follows the racers across the 8 locations from Japan to Le Mans, including Germany and the Isle of Man. Retro posters were the inspiration for the titles which combine the destinations of the races. An animating title sequence explores the different locations as a virtual camera pans through, to eventually land on the episode title.
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Secrets of Your Car Insurance

Dispatches reveals the secrets of car insurance that all drivers should know. Harry Wallop investigates claims that major insurers cash in when you have a crash, through maximising profits, lucrative referral fees and rebate deals, sometimes at the expense of doing what’s best for you and your car.
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